E-mail me about this site

E-mail me about this site

This site contains ONLY images taken by Westghost,
who have exclusive rights to those images.
These images were obtained between May 2002 and June 2003 from various locations 
in Perth and York in Western Australia. The aim was to develop a method of visually
recording ghostly apparitions that many people have experienced. This web site illustrates 
the results obtained from this preliminary survey. Indeed it is the story of the development
of a photographic technique that has shown considerable success. It is hoped that with the publication
of "Echoes in Time", now available (click "add to basket" in the links column to purchase a copy),
further research will be carried out. It has been noted that digital photography has proved to be unreliable. 
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E-mail me about this site
The subject of ghosts has always been a very controversial one from the earliest written accounts of religious beliefs and mythical stories to the present time. It appears that only about 30% of the population are aware of the existence of the paranormal, the rest of us are generally not aware and have unexplainable experiences on rare occasions. This has lead to a general scepticism of the existence of ghosts, with a corresponding belief that those who do experience ghosts are hallucinating because they are either drunk, or are high on drugs. So the question "Do you believe in ghosts?" is usually asked with " tongue in cheek", implying a light hearted approach to the subject. However those who do experience ghostly activity, or hauntings of any kind, do take the subject very seriously.Consequently those that have these experiences are generally reluctant to talk about them.The anecdotal evidence that has come to us through written stories and from eye witness accounts suggests a great range of different types of ghost, ranging from repetitive apparitional types to ufos and aliens. These can vary in substance from slight impressions of a presence to quite normal and solid appearances of people, animals and objects, that would otherwise be considered to be real and substantial, apart from something odd about them,eg; their clothes are out of date, or they just look strange.With the advent of the scientific age many attempts have been made to record ghostly apparitions with little or, at the very best, highly questionable results. It is because of these questionable results that scientists have avoided anything to do with ghost research, untill now!!!!! Below you will find some amazing photographs that are genuine images of something that lies outside the category of halucination or imagination.Make of them what you will. I can assure you that all the photographs are genuine and have not been retouched in any way.
E-mail me about this site